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100+ Sylvia Plath Quotes and Ideas - Splendid Quotes

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100+ Sylvia Plath Quotes and Ideas

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”

“Is there no way out of the mind?”

“If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed.”

“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”

“Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.”

“I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart. I am, I am, I am.”

“Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.”

“I have the choice of being constantly active and happy or introspectively passive and sad. Or I can go mad by ricocheting in between.”

“I desire the things that will destroy me in the end.”

“How we need another soul to cling to.”

“Please don’t expect me to always be good and kind and loving. There are times when I will be cold and thoughtless and hard to understand.”

“What horrifies me most is the idea of being useless: well-educated, brilliantly promising, and fading out into an indifferent middle age.”

“It is awful to want to go away and to want to go nowhere.”

“So much working, reading, thinking, living to do! A lifetime is not long enough.”

“I felt wise and cynical as all hell.”

“The trouble was, I had been inadequate all along, I simply hadn’t thought about it.”

“I think I made you up inside my head.”

“You are a dream; I hope I never meet you.”

“And when at last you find someone to whom you feel you can pour out your soul, you stop in shock at the words you utter – they are so rusty, so ugly, so meaningless and feeble from being kept in the small cramped dark inside you so long.”

“I dream too much, work too little.”

“I don’t care about anyone, and the feeling is quite obviously mutual.”

“I talk to God but the sky is empty.”

“August rain: the best of the summer gone, and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time.”

“I must get my soul back from you; I am killing my flesh without it.”

“After all, we are nothing more or less than we choose to reveal.”

“Let me live, love and say it well in good sentences.”

“I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead; I lift my eyes and all is born again.”

“I think I am mad sometimes.”

“Out of the ash I rise with my red hair and I eat men like air.”

“Not being perfect hurts.”

“I know pretty much what I like and dislike; but please, don’t ask me who I am.”

“The blood jet is poetry and there is no stopping it.”

“I have stitched life into me like a rare organ.”

“If neurotic is wanting two mutually exclusive things at one and the same time, then I’m neurotic as hell. I’ll be flying back and forth between one mutually exclusive thing and another for the rest of my days.”

“All I want is blackness. Blackness and silence.”

“I write only because There is a voice within me That will not be still.”

“I didn’t know why I was going to cry, but I knew that if anybody spoke to me or looked at me too closely the tears would fly out of my eyes and the sobs would fly out of the throat and I’d cry for a week.”

“To the person in the bell jar, blank and stopped as a dead baby, the world itself is a bad dream.”

“If I didn’t think, I’d be much happier.”

“I didn’t want any flowers, I only wanted to lie with my hands turned up and be utterly empty. How free it is, you have no idea how free.”

“What have I eaten? Lies and smiles.”

“The abstract kills, the concrete saves.”

“Wear your heart on your skin in this life.”

“I couldn’t see the point of getting up. I had nothing to look forward to.”

“Mother of otherness, Eat me.”

“I am not cruel, only truthful.”

“I am I-I am powerful, but to what extent? I am I.”

“There is nothing like puking with somebody to make you into old friends.”

“The floor seemed wonderfully solid. It was comforting to know I had fallen and could fall no farther.”

“We should meet in another life, we should meet in air, me and you.”

“Every woman adores a Fascist, The boot in the face, the brute Brute heart of a brute like you.”

“Go out and do something. It isn’t your room that’s a prison, it’s yourself.”

“I am terrified by this dark thing that sleeps in me.”

“I woke to the sound of rain.”

“I like people too much or not at all.”

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery – air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, “This is what it is to be happy.””

“Your body Hurts me as the world hurts God.”

“That’s one of the reasons I never wanted to get married. The last thing I wanted was infinite security and to be the place an arrow shoots off from. I wanted change and excitement and to shoot off in all directions myself, like the colored arrows from a Fourth of July rocket.”

“And I am aware of my heart: it opens and closes Its bowl of red blooms out of sheer love of me.”

“How we need another soul to cling to, another body to keep us warm. To rest and trust; to give your soul in confidence: I need this, I need someone to pour myself into.”

“I’d say go to hell, but I never want to see you again.”

“Intoxicated with madness, I’m in love with my sadness.”

“Maybe forgetfulness, like a kind snow, should numb and cover them. But they were a part of me. They were my landscape.”

“I must bridge the gap between adolescent glitter and mature glow.”

“Remember, remember, this is now, and now, and now. Live it, feel it, cling to it. I want to become acutely aware of all I’ve taken for granted.”

“It is so much safer not to feel, not to let the world touch me.”

“Now I am silent, hate Up to my neck, Thick, thick. I do not speak.”

“I like people too much or not at all. I’ve got to go down deep, to fall into people, to really know them.”

“I wanted to be where nobody I knew could ever come.”

“I hurl my heart to halt his pace.”

“The silence drew off, baring the pebbles and shells and all the tatty wreckage of my life.”

“Perhaps some day I’ll crawl back home, beaten, defeated. But not as long as I can make stories out of my heartbreak, beauty out of sorrow.”

“Like a cat I have nine times to die.”

“If the moon smiled, she would resemble you. You leave the same impression Of something beautiful, but annihilating.”

“I may never be happy, but tonight I am content.”

“I wish to cry. Yet, I laugh, and my lipstick leaves a red stain like a bloody crescent moon on top of the beer can.”

“Girls are not machines that you put kindness coins into until sex falls out.”

“If the body is a temple, then tattoos are its stained glass windows.”

“I have no preconceptions. Whatever I see, I swallow immediately. Just as it is, unmisted by love or dislike. I am not cruel, only truthful.”

“God, how I ricochet between certainties and doubts.”

“There is a certain clinical satisfaction in seeing just how bad things can get.”

“Slowly, slowly, catch the monkey.”

“I need some older, wiser being to cry to. I talk to God, but the sky is empty, and Orion walks by and doesn’t speak.”

“Yes, I was infatuated with you: I am still. No one has ever heightened such a keen capacity of physical sensation in me. I cut you out because I couldn’t stand being a passing fancy. Before I give my body, I must give my thoughts, my mind, my dreams. And you weren’t having any of those.”

“I felt very still and empty, the way the eye of a tornado must feel, moving dully along in the middle of the surrounding hullabaloo.”

“Is it the sea you hear in me? Its dissatisfactions? Or the voice of nothing, that was your madness? Love is a shadow. How you lie and cry after it.”

“It is a terrible thing to be so open: it is as if my heart put on a face and walked into the world.”

“What did my arms do before they held you?”

“So many people are shut up tight inside themselves like boxes, yet they would open up, unfolding quite wonderfully, if only you were interested in them.”

“If they substituted the word ‘Lust’ for ‘Love’ in the popular songs it would come nearer the truth.”

“And I a smiling woman. I am only thirty. And like the cat I have nine times to die.”

“Clouds pass and disperse. Are those the faces of love, those pale irretrievables? Is it for such I agitate my heart?”

“Everything people did seemed so silly, because they only died in the end.”

“At twenty I tried to die And get back, back, back to you. I thought even the bones would do.”

“I felt dumb and subdued. Every time I tried to concentrate, my mind glided off, like a skater, into a large empty space, and pirouetted there, absently.”

“And the danger is that in this move toward new horizons and far directions, that I may lose what I have now, and not find anything except loneliness.”

“This is the light of the mind, cold and planetary. The trees of the mind are black. The light is blue.”

“If I didn’t think, I’d be much happier; if I didn’t have any sex organs, I wouldn’t waver on the brink of nervous emotion and tears all the time.”

“I told him I believed in hell, and that certain people, like me, had to live in hell before they died, to make up for missing out on it after death, since they didn’t believe in life after death, and what each person believed happened to him when he died.”

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